Get all the billable items associated with your user.

The billables endpoint returns information about billable items related to an account. This includes all deployments and capsules that make up a deployment.

Returned JSON

Data is returned encapsulated in an _embedded object which contains an array with the key of billables. Each element of the array is a JSON object which contains the following key/value pairs.

idThe id of this billable record.
account_idThe account_id to which this billable belongs.
amountThe amount of this billable.
start_atThe date and time at which this billable started being billable.
end_atThe date and time at which this billable ended being billable. If still current, this value will be in the far future.
descriptionA human readable description of what this billable is reflecting.
identifierA unique identifier for the resources that the billable is reflecting.
resource_identifierA unique identifier for the system that is providing the resources that the billable consumes.
skuA stock code unit value which identifies the class of the resource being billed for.
unitsThe number of data or memory units.
replaces_idThe id of the resource replaced by this billable where the resource was scaled up/down.
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