Upgrades a deployment's software to a newer version.

idID of the recipe for the deployment upgrade job.
account_idID of the account that owns the deployment.
templateTemplate of the recipe that is being run.
statusCurrent status of the recipe.
status_detailFurther details about the recipe status.
created_atDate and time when the recipe job started (ISO8601 format).
updated_atDate and time when the recipe job was last updated (ISO8601 format).
deployment_idID of the deployment that is being upgraded.
nameName of the recipe that is being run.

Will respond with information about the upgrade recipe that is being run.

A Recipe is a process, or processes, which performs a task; in this case, that task is upgrading. When the API returns a recipe, it gives the id and status information about that process and its current status. The recipe runs asynchronously.

By querying the recipe endpoint - /2016-07/recipes/:id with the returned id, you can get updates on the status of the task being performed. Completetion is denoted by the status field being returned as completed.

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