Get the details of a specific recipe.

A recipe is a process, or processes, which performs a task; in this case, that task is deprovisioning. When the API returns a recipe, it gives the id and status information about that process and its current status. The recipe runs asynchronously and this endpoint allows applications to poll for the current status of any recipe.

Returned JSON

idThe recipe id - it should be the same as the id in the request parameter.
templateA reference name for the recipe being performed. This is configured by Compose engineering.
statusThe status of this recipe. It can be running, waiting, complete or failed.
status_detailsA descriptive string which provides further details of the current status, designed to be shown to the user.
account_idThe id of the account associated with the running of this recipe.
deployment_idThe id of the deployment that this recipe is working on. Recipes work on a single deployment.
parent_idThe id of this recipe's parent, if this recipe is a sub-recipe.
nameA short descriptive name of the recipe's purpose.
recipes[]An array of recipe objects, like this one, if the recipe has sub-recipes.
created_atDate & time when the recipe was created (ISO8601 format)
updated_atDate & time when the recipe was last updated (ISO8601 format)
operations_completeThe number of recipe operations that have been completed (see below).
operations_totalThe total number of operations that this recipe will run (see below).

Recipe Operations

Operations are the discrete steps that take place in the process of completing a recipe. Each operation will increment the operations_complete field and may update the status_detail field as it is run. The total number of expected operations to be run for completion of the recipe is available in operations_total.

These values, operations_complete and operations_total can be used as an approximate indicator of progress but note that completion of a recipe is only realized when the status field shows completed.

This is because sub-recipes may be included in the recipe. A recipes' sub-recipes will each have their own operations_complete and operations_total. Only when all sub-recipes are also complete - and the parent recipe has run all its operations - will the parent recipe be labelled as complete.

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