Gets a list of portals associated with a deployment.

The endpoint returns all portals associated with the deployment given in the parameters. It returns an _embedded object with a portals key whose value is an array of portals. The key/values of the object are detailed below.

Returned JSON

portals object keyDescription
idThe portal id.
nameThe name associated with the portal.
typeThe type of portal—typically haproxy or ssl.
internal_ipThe ip address associated with the portal.
zoneThe zone where the portal is located.
hostnameThe portal's hostname.
ssl_enabledWhether or not the portal is SSL enabled. Only applies to Redis haproxies as they can have both SSL enabled and non-SSL enabled portals.


Deployments with specialized portals

MongoDB and RethinkDB TCP portals are specialized configurations for those database types that have knowledge of your configurations, member shards, and nodes. These portals will return mongodb and rethink as their type.

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