Fetch information about a specific deployment accessible to your user.

This endpoint returns a single deployment associated with the deployment id used in the path parameters. It returns the same information as the /2016-07/deployments endpoint along with the deployment's connection strings. The key/values of deployment objects are detailed below.

Returned JSON

idThe deployment id. Same id as the one used in the path parameters.
account_idThe account id associated with the deployment.
nameThe name that was given to the deployment.
created_atThe date that the deployment was created.
notesThe notes associated with the deployment.
customer_billing_codeThe editable billing code associated with the deployment.
cluster_idThe id of the cluster that this deployment is deployed on.
versionThe current version number of the database within the deployment.
ca_certificate_base64A base64 CA Certificate to be used by clients connecting to the database when it is deployed to verify SSL connections.
connection_strings.directAn array of connection strings. The array elements are URLs to be used by applications to connect to the database.
connection_strings.cliAn array of connection strings. The array elements are command line/shell commands for connecting from the console to the database.
connection_strings.mapsAddress translation map for Scylla deployments.
connection_strings.sshConnection string for SSH tunnels.
connection_strings.healthThe connection string querying the health of the deployment.
connection_strings.adminThe connection string (usually as URL) for connecting to the deployment's web based administration front-end.
connection_strings.miscMiscellaneous, database-specific connections strings for particular tools or configurations.

Returned Links

One or more of the following links will be present in the JSON _links object. All links are in templated format, meaning that an {?embed} string within the link is the template's marker to add further parameters

compose_web_uiA URL which serves as a link to the Compose console where this deployment can be administered from a browser.
scalingsA URI for an endpoint which offers scaling information about this deployment.
backupsA URI for an endpoint which offers backups and information about backups for this deployment.
alertsA URI for an endpoint which offers information on the health of this deployment.
clusterA URI which returns information on the cluster where this deployment resides.
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