Returns current alerts for a specific deployment.

This endpoint returns any active alerts associated with the deployment id used in the path parameters, along with a summary of the deployment's health.

Returned JSON

capsule_idThe ID of the capsule associated with this alert. May be null for alerts that apply to the deployment as a whole.
deployment_idThe ID of the deployment associated with this alert. This will be the same as the ID used in the path parameter.
messageA human-readable message describing the nature of the alert.
nameThe name of the alert
statusThe status of the alert:

healthy: everything is normal

warning: an issue has been detected, but it is not a serious issue

critical: the issue is serious, and is likely to impact usage of this deployment

unknown: something unexpected has happened that may not affect the deployment. e.g. a failure within the monitoring system

waiting: an alert has been triggered by an in-progress operation, and it is expected to clear shortly.
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