Fetch information about all the deployments accessible to your user.

This endpoint returns all deployments associated with the accounts returned by the /2016-07/accounts endpoint. It returns an _embedded object with a deployments key who's value is an array of deployment objects. The key/values of deployment objects are detailed below.

Returned JSON

deployments object keyDescription
idThe deployment id, used when addressing a specific deployment in the API.
nameThe name that was given to the deployment.
typeThe type of database that this deployment contains.
created_atThe time and date of when the deployment was created. Encoded as an ISO 8601 format timestamp.
notesThe notes associated with the deployment.
customer_billing_codeThe editable billing code associated with the deployment.
_links.compose_web_ui.hrefA URL which serves as a link to the Compose console where this deployment can be administered from a browser.
_links.compose_web_ui.templatedIs the above link in a templated format. Currently true. {?embed} is the template marker to add further parameters.
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