Get a list of available databases and their versions.

Databases are categorized by their stability status ("stable", "beta", "alpha", "deprecated"). The currently preferred versions are marked with preferred "true".

Returned JSON

applications object keyDescription
typeThe type of the database being described. One of mongodb, redis, postgresql, elastic_search, rethink, rabbitmq, etcd, scylla, mysql, or disque.
statusThe highest available stability level of the database ("stable", "beta", "alpha", "deprecated").
versionsA list of known versions in the Compose ecosystem.
versions.applicationThe type of the database version described.
versions.statusThe stability level of this particular version of the database ("stable", "beta", "alpha", "deprecated").
versions.preferredWhether this version is one of the currently preferred versions for the database. (It is highly recommended to only deploy the currently preferred versions.)
versions.versionThe version number of the database that is being described.
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