Fetch information about the logfiles available for a deployment.

This endpoint returns all logfiles associated with the deployment given in the parameters. It returns an _embedded object with a logfile key whose value is an array of logfile objects. The key/values of logfile objects are detailed below.

Returned JSON

logfiles object keyDescription
idThe logfile id, used when addressing a specific logfile in the API.
deployment_idThe ID of the deployment that is associated with the logfile.
capsule_idThe ID of the capsule that is associated with the logfile.
nameName of the logfile (which includes the time that the logfile was created).
regionThe region of logfiles. (which will always match the region of deployment capsule).
statusThe status of the logfile (whether or not the logfile has finished being written).
file_sizeThe file size of the logfile
dateThe date when the logfile was captured.
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