What is a recipe?

A recipe is a process, or processes, which performs a task. Some endpoints in the API return a recipe. This contains the details of the recipe that has been started and includes an id for the recipe and its status. The recipe runs asynchronously and an endpoint /2016-07/recipes/:id allows applications to poll for the current status of any recipe they have the id of.

Consult the /2016-07/recipes/:id endpoint's reference page for details of the JSON recipe object that is returned by this and other endpoints. One example of other endpoints returning a recipe is the /2016-07/deployments/:id endpoint which returns the recipe that is performing the deprovisioning.

What is a recipe's status?

Each recipe has a current status field, which may be running, waiting, complete or failed.

runningThe recipe is actively progressing and performing its task. status_details may inform about what that progress is.
waitingThe recipe is waiting for a resource to become available or task to complete. status_details may inform about what is being waited for.
failedThe recipe has failed to complete its task. status_details may inform about what caused the failure.
completeThe recipe has successfully run. status_details may contain further information about what the results of the successful run are.

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