What is a datacenter?

When database deployments are hosted by Compose, they can be assigned to any one of a number of datacenters. These map to cloud providers datacenters where the Compose infrastructure has been set up.

When deploying a database, users can select where their new deployment will be located. Compose runs hosted resources in various cloud platforms and locations. The combination of platform and location is referred to in the API as a datacenter.

What are the datacenter names?

As of writing these codes are:

API NameDatacenter name and location
aws:ap-southeast-1AWS (Asia-Pacific) Singapore
aws:eu-central-1AWS (Europe) Frankfurt
aws:eu-west-1AWS (Europe) Dublin
aws:us-east-1AWS (USA) North Virginia
aws:us-west-2AWS (USA) Oregon
gce:europe-west1Google (Europe) Belgium
gce:us-east1Google (USA) South Carolina
softlayer:london-02Softlayer London
softlayer:sydney-1Softlayer Sydney
softlayer:dallas-9Softlayer Dallas

The latest version of this list is available through the /2016-07/datacenters API endpoint.

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