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Need access to account level roles through API

Posted by Dan McGinnes 10 days ago

For Internal audit purposes we need to be able to list users with Account Admin permissions - I raised the question in slack and apparently this isn't currently possible. Would it be possible to get this added:

Dan McGinnes
Hi guys, looking in the Portal under a deployment and then Access I can see some Users/Teams have Full Control (Account Admin) - Is it possible to list these using the API? I find that if I use or it doesn't list people with Full Control (Account Admin) . Similarly I can't see anything under that looks like it lists those with Full Control

Dan Connor [8:00 PM]
@mcginnes and list roles for the provided deployment, so the account-level roles would not be presented. Account-level roles can’t be managed via the API at this time. (edited)
I think we just haven’t gotten to building those endpoints out. There’s not a technical reason why.

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