Compose API Documentation

Compose's API gives developers and users programmatic control over the database deployment capabilities of the database-as-a-service platform. Here you'll find the information you need to take the controls.


Server header now describes the currently routed version

Dan Connor · about a year ago

The Compose API now returns a Server header that describes the currently routed version. Example:

    Deployment /scalings now includes memory and storage

    James Thorne · about a year ago

    Scaling units are now described more fully in the scalings API. You can see how much memory and storage are associated with each unit, allowing you to easily calculate each deployment's resource allocation, usage, and minimums in terms of both disk and RAM.

    For example, the following /scalings AP...

      Database display names now returned

      Dan Connor · about a year ago

      We have a treat for our friends who are integrating Compose into their own systems... the display names of our offerings are now returned as part of our "databases" endpoint.

        Deployment update now available

        Compose Support · about a year ago2 changes

        The Compose API team has added a new endpoint to that allows API users to set the deployment's notes and customer_billing_code fields. These fields were added to allow users to attach a short note and a sortable code to the deployments. See Compose Notes on Compose Notes...

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        Deployment add-ons now discoverable via the API

        Dan Connor · about a year ago2 changes

        The Compose API team has rolled out a new endpoint that provides the list of currently active add-ons provisioned for a given deployment.

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        API 2016-17 now available

        Dj Walker-Morgan · 2 years ago

        Welcome to the new API documentation site for the Compose API. We are pleased to announce the availability of the 2016-17 Compose API with deployment creation and management capabilties.